Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh’s spores probiotics technology has achieved the greatest success. He has successfully created 2 elite probiotics trains: Clausii and Substilis in spore state, living together in the same water environment.

This is very difficult and there is no major pharmaceutical company in the world that can do this. With this success, products that apply the technology of Dr. Anh solved the problem of colon, hemorrhoids, reduced side-effects during chemotherapy-radiation treatment of cancer, digestive disorders.

High concentration, water-based, multi-strain beneficial bacterial spore technology of Dr. Anh contains 3 strains of beneficial bacteria among 500 bacteria

Many pharmaceutical companies in the world, only can offer research technology and successfully produce a single probiotic strain that is the main ingredient in each product. However, Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh has successfully researched and prepared the multi-strains spores probiotics (Bacillus clausii, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus coagulans) as the main ingredient in each biological product, medicine when coming to users. Best of all, the probiotics of Dr. Anh is not a normal probiotics, it is belonged to the elite probiotic strain, a strong probiotic and is able to survive in hibernation.

When spores are able to survive in hibernation, just successfully bring them to that state, probiotics can have an infinite lifetime, withstand temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius and pH (2 -3). Therefore, the reproductive and developmental ability of this elite probiotics in the colon is very high, the task of healing the lesions and protecting the colon from harmful bacteria becomes much simpler.

Photos taken from the bacillus indicus probiotics sample
Photos taken from the bacillus indicus probiotics sample

Meanwhile, in some other probiotics, they themselves are unable to survive in spores. That means they need to metabolize to live. When they are under lock and key in sealed films, they will die without air or nutrients. Although a closed envelope can help them safely pass pH (2-3), when they reach the colon, they do not perform the task of healing the ulcer and preventing colon from the attack of harmful bateria.

Therefore, the biggest incredibility in the technology of Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh is the successful leading of three elite probiotics strains of Bacillus Substilis, Bacillus Clausii and Bacilus Coagulans on spores status, the making the whole world astounded.

Can explain more details about Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh Spores Probiotics Technology about the following characteristics: in liquid form, multi-strains, high concentrations:
–          In liquid form: This is a very difficult form of preparation, because the bacteria are very hydrophobic. But when in this form, the ability to transmit is faster and probiotics are covered in areas where need to be protected.
–          Multi-strains: Many strains, here are 3 beneficial strains: Bacillus Clausii, Bacillus Subtilis and Bacillus Coagulans. These are the three most powerful strains of bacteria, and each strain offers superior benefits to the body.
–          High concentration: The amount of probiotics is supplied to the body. The products of Dr. Anh’s technology often has higher concentrations than all others microbiological products. Specifically, COLON provides more than 3 billion probiotics, Moravica provides over 4 billion probiotics. According to scientific studies, the amount of probiotics provided to the body must be ten to the power of negative eight or more to work.

It can be said that Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh is the second person in the world to produce successfully spores probiotics in liquid form, breaking the monopoly of Sanofi multinational pharmaceutical corporation – one of the 10 most major pharmaceutical corporations of the world. Moreover, Dr. is the first person in the world to produce create high concentration, multi-strains for probiotics in liquid form.  

The tests proved the success of Dr. Anh Spores Probiotics Technology

Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Thi Van Anh – Director of Institute of Key Laboratory of Enzyme and Protein Technology confirms that “100% of Dr Anh’s spores are not germinated and almost 100% purity. After doing the experiments on agar plates, the results coincide with the characteristics of each strain. The sequence of genes coincides with all kinds of Subtilis, Clausii and Coagulans as announced. Moreover, the cells concentration from probiotic of Dr.Anh’s products is more than or equal to the number annouced on the case but no less than like other products.”

Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh (who holds a mic) during the Digestive Conference in Hanoi.
Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh (who holds a mic) during the Digestive Conference in Hanoi.

Marseglia and colleagues’ study in 2007 showed that Bacillus clausii did not cause side-effects and toxicity to children during the treatment.

European Food Safety Authority, Food and Drug Administration, has evaluated the bacterium Bacillus subtilis and microbial extracts are safe to use with food and have great economic benefits.

Bacillus coagulans has been added by EFSA to their list of Qualified Safety Assumptions. Bacillus coagulans improves abdominal pain and flatulence for irritable bowel syndrome patients, and increases the immune response to viruses. There is evidence from the study that Bacillus coagulans is effective in both treatment and prevention of related clostridium difficile diarrhea. A strain of this bacteria has also been evaluated safety as a food ingredient. Spores are activated in the acidic environment of the stomach and begin to germinate and proliferate in the intestine. The strains of B. coagulans are used in some countries to make probiotics for patients taking antibiotics.


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